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  • July 8th 2024

  • July 8th Musings from Pastor John


    Monday Musings

    Sunday evening, I took a stroll down to the boat landing on Trout Lake near my home. Leaning over the rail of the fishing pier, I saw boats of all kinds heading to shore. There were fancy fishing boats accessorized with all kinds of gizmos needed to locate every single fish in the lake. It used to be that the fish had a sporting chance in a game of hide and seek, but no longer. Off in the distance, a jet ski zipped across the top of white caps, while not too far from shore, a lone paddle board glided through lily pads. A kayak effortlessly skimmed along the water's surface, followed by a couple paddling a canoe with such precision they would make a Swiss clockmaker envious.

    In many ways, all of these watercraft remind me of the many paths one might take when following Jesus Christ. The fisherfolk in fancy boats are like the disciples that cast their nets so others can know Jesus, employing every strategy available to them to guarantee a good catch. The jet ski is like those energetic preachers who with great gusto fill as many pulpits as possible on a single Sunday. The paddle boarder is the steady person of faith, not afraid to be out in deep water and just as comfortable paddling through the muck and mire of everyday life. Kayakers choose a solitary voyage when traveling with Christ. Their gentle, smooth strokes provide ample time to discover the mystery of God in solitude and calm. The young couple in the canoe discover the beauty and love of Christ in the oneness of their paddling. Communities of faith could learn much from canoeists.

    Of course, I did not see my favorite boat of all! The old wooden fishing boat! As a small boy, I remember my dad letting me take the red boat out on the water in front of our home on Shagawa Lake. I would grip both oars and pull hard, thrusting the boat through the water on a calm summer evening. If the wind would pick up and I struggled to keep moving ahead in a straight line, my father, watching from shore, would be there to rescue me if I needed help. The old wooden fishing boat is not unlike many churches today who also struggle to keep their oars moving in the same direction, especially when rowing through rough waters. However, just like my father was there to rescue me if I needed help, we have Jesus Christ who is also available to help us through stormy waters and difficult patches of life.